Fence Designer

To make things easier when designing your pool fence, you can now try our free online FENCE BUILDER : http://my.fencebuilder.com.au/build

Pool Fence Designer

Deciding to install new pool fencing can be overwhelming for any homeowner. With so many options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. Fortunately, our Pool Fence Designer is here to help.

Designing your pool fence has never been easier. Our free online tool allows you to explore all your options and select the materials and measurements that work best for you.

This makes it simple to come up with a plan that you'll be proud of. Our Fence Designer takes the hassle out of the fencing process.

Affordable and Fast Shipping

Glass House AU is Australia's top provider of pool fencing. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and high-quality products.

Our online store makes it easy to buy the materials you need, and we provide fast and reliable shipping for all orders.

After you've used our Pool Fence Designer tool, shop our selection of fencing and balustrade products online.

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