65x65mm Steel Post 2700MM H Perfect for our Colorbond fencing , Brisbane Only

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Posts and rails are made from BlueScope G550 steel featuring a zinc-coated substrate. Both yield and tensile strength of steel have a guaranteed minimum
of 550 MPa.

Tensile strength refers to the maximum amount of stress that the steel can be pulled or stretched without breaking. Yield strength is the amount of stress applied before
it will deform permanently. Mild steel has an approximate MPa of 250.

COLORBOND® steel post & rail MPa is a minimum of 550 MPa reflecting its high structural strength and performance.

• 65mm x 65mm galvanized steel post powder coated
• 2.5mm wall thickness
• Includes welded on 8mm thick bottom plate with 2x Ø13mm holes – ideal for strong anchoring of in-ground posts
• FREE top cap included
• Commonly used at the start/end of a fencing run. A one-way channel post is affixed to a 65x65mm post to provided extra strength
• A 65x65mm post is also a neat solution at a 90-degree corner for affixing channel posts
• If installing a gate, use a 65mm post on either side of the gate opening. Posts provide a flat surface for mounting hinges and latch.


Delivery to Brisbane area only, check delivery map in pictures. 

Collection from Virginia, Brisbane